July 2014 & parting Korea… the drawn-out goodbye.


Jam won pool day with Bri. I love the blue sky, clouds, and warm weather!

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Bobby’s slip and slide rooftop birthday party at Southside Parlor with fantastic people.


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Citrus beer and philly cheese steak with french onion soup (kind of) reminds me of USA.

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I was honored to cheer on Andra’s hockey team! I forgot how much I enjoyed watching hockey, especially in a very cool arena while it was sweltering outside.

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Birthday dinner at Petras Middle Eastern restaurant in Itaewon. Thank you for joining friends 🙂

IMG_20140704_225150 IMG_20140712_201259

Drinks upon drinks upon drankkkksss. Bday festivities.

DSCN7066 DSCN7071

Below: Meow earring birthday present from my lovely friend, Ashly Moore.

IMG_20140703_152721 IMG_20140703_152804

Ellie cat’s birthday brunch at Flying Pan in Itaewon. Delicious!

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Followed by cute outside-indoors-themed cafe for caffeine.

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Below: Only in Korea will you find a couple come in, sit down, take out huge-lens cameras and start photographing each other from across the table. Bizarre, but cute.


IMG_20140713_204819 DSCN7088

At the National Museum of Korea with Yoobin. The gardens were gorgeous and the exhibits fascinating.

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Above: Kimchi Bossam- my first time trying boiled pork with spicy kimchi radish. So ambrosial. Below: Bingsu, but no pat 😦 Pat is the word for red bean. Red bean flavor is my favorite. I ordered incorrectly. Opps!

DSCN7122 DSCN7123

A morning walking tour after my emergency passport renewal. I woke up one morning, two weeks away from leaving for Taiwan, and discovered my passport had expired!

IMG_20140714_130212 IMG_20140714_130303 IMG_20140714_130417 IMG_20140714_130524

Protesters in Korea sit peacefully, dance and sing- much different than in USA.


My eccentric, wonderful, creative student: Theo Puff.

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Meanwhile, in Hopkins, MN, Spencer is starting to make himself at home with the new family!

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He loves to watch the bunny families in my mom’s gardens.

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Japjae & spicy kimchi lunch in Insadong with Chantal.

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Below: the customary practical joke in Korea- to poke people in the butt hole. Both holy and wholly awkward, ’tis true.


Patbingsu dessert.

DSCN7132 DSCN7133

…followed by tea at a traditional Chinese tea house in Insadong with Jooyea and Chantal- fierce feministing and hilarity ensued.

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My last day with my kiddos. Tears were plentiful.

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DSCN7160 DSCN7157DSCN7162 DSCN7163  DSCN7173 DSCN7174 DSCN7176 DSCN7178

I brought the Korean staff cake for my last day as a small thank you to their amazing hard work all year long… keeping us Americans/Canadians safe, happy, and mildly aware 🙂

DSCN7165 DSCN7167

And then we forced the kids to suck on sour warhead candies for the first time in their lives. Their reactions are priceless!

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Saying goodbye to these little cuties was rough! Kiki and Max were my kitties away from home.

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My last meal before heading to Taiwan for 8 days- Uzbekistan food! So scrumptious and unique.


DSCN7200 DSCN7201DSCN7202

After returning from Taiwan, my ‘last meal’ was jjim dak- melt off the bone beef and veggies, followed by patbingsu for dessert!

DSCN7583 DSCN7584DSCN7586 DSCN7587

The following day, I headed to my favorite part of town- Insadong- for bossom (boiled pork with spicy radish)

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